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I tried traditional prescriptions and herbal remedies. Nothing has killed them off. They migrate if I try something they don't like hiding in the larger muscles of the body until the threat is gone. It is extremely painful. Many things work killing them in the gut, but not systemicly. When killed in the gut, the eggs from the dead worm then hatch causing hyper-infection. 

Vermox / Mebendazole - Link here to a post about trying the generic Mebendazole - Vermox worked once. Maybe try non-generic again.

Ivermectin - Tried it several times alone and with other things. Here is a post to one. Ivermectin paste use tried here.

Albendazole / Benzimidazoles - Tried this several times and several ways alone and alternated with Ivermectin. Link here to one post. 

Pyrantel - Pin-X - Here is a link to where I tried this, VERY painful but did work some. Another where I describe how it felt here. 

Biltricide / Praziquantel -  Gave me diabetic symptoms and made many symptoms worse. Link here to that post. 

Tabaco leaves - Horrible itchy throat, allergy type feeling may have been due to pesticides on the leaves. Link here to that post.

Oje' - Tree cure from rain forest - Talking on video but no results trying this twice. Here is a link to that post. 

Pumpkin Seeds - I share in several posts and videos about these. Here is one post.

Papaya Seeds - I share in videos about these seeds. They tasted like black pepper and didn't seem to do much.

Colonix Colon Parasite Cleanse - Link here for one post, and Link here for another post. Good product but not cured. 

Essential Oil Parasite pills - "ParaFree" Young Living Essential oils to kill parasites. Did feel some die off but not cured. Maybe in doses.

Six brands of parasite cleanses from online and health food stores containing wormwood and walnut mixtures - Not Cured

Diatomaceous earth internally and externally - This kills them on the skin and in the gut, but not in the muscles and organs. Link here.

Hydrogen peroxide food grade internally - Problems due to leaky gut with parasite burrowing in and out, peroxide irritated those areas.

Apple Cider/ Coconut Vinegar with "mother"  - Leaky gut areas felt ulcer forming where parasites burrow in and out.

Lemons - Limes - Grapefruit Seed - Problems with leaky gut areas feeling ulcers forming due to acids in the citrus. Link to a post here.

Lugol's Iodine - Best for stopping them laying eggs and rashes caused by them. Link here to post about that. Another post here. 

Colloidal Silver - Do think this works, but you would have to take gallons to keep them down. 

Huffing Hydrogen Peroxide - Share about that in this post - Not suggesting people do this, just shared why in this post here

Hydrogen Peroxide soaks - Used this to bring them up from the lymph. Painful but effective for diagnosis. Link here to one.

Hydrogen Peroxide spraying skin - Used this to bring them up from the lymph only diagnostic. Videos link in this post. Shown here.

Walnuts - I get fluid filled sores in mouth when eating walnuts. Link to post where I talk about that. Does kill them in the gut and mouth.

Charcoal - This helps with them in the gut, but not effective in treating the entire body. 

Anesthesia during gallbladder surgery - Killed them all off and they all hatched a week later causing Hyper-Infection. May work in doses.

High Doses of Vitamin C IV - Felt like it did something but couldn't get enough treatments. Link here to post about that. 


Marijuana - Didn't try this, but did research due to three dreams about this helping. Link to post on study where Marijuana helps parasites.

A Woman sent me this cure she tried using Turmeric, lemons, and coconut oil. Link to that post here.  

Levamisole - Someone said this helped them. It is no longer available in humans. Can get animal source, may be worth a try.

Fenbendazole - Tried some animal cream on rashes with some relief. May be worth trying as it works on animals. 

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