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I have had the worst heartburn after drinking water since getting these parasites. I have family members who suffer the same thing. I believe that since these parasites like water, that when you drink the water, it draws all the parasites around that area to the water which causes the heartburn. I have this situation when I eat wattery fruits and vegetables as well. 


ISOLATION AND SUICIDE ISSUES / HOARDING - I have had weird symptoms with this parasite. I found that from the beginning, I have had weird dreams about drowning. Tidal waves, jumping overboard, and also found myself daydreaming about movies like "The Guardian" and "Messsage in a Bottle" where the hero of the show dies in a noble way in water. 

I found myself waking one morning to the thought, "And she drown herself in a high mountain stream" and I had a picture of myself standing on a cliff edge overlooking a deep gorge in a mountain setting with a huge rolling river in the bottom of the canyon. Each of these made it seem like killing myself would be a noble thing.

It was such a weird thing since I have never had any issues with depression other than a bit of baby blues after my first baby. I have these weird thoughts for example, when driving, the thought will flash through my head, "If you swerve and die, you will be doing your family a favor." Such weird thoughts that will slip through and I KNOW that the thoughts are from the parasites as it almost comes in a wave after I have had a bunch of eggs hatch. I do think that it is a chemical reaction. I think these parasites that are known for getting the host to kill themselves cause a chemical change in the brain. I DON'T feel this way all the time. I can be having a great family filled day and this feeling or thought comes in a tidal wave thought and lasts for a few minutes very intense. There is despair and grief at living. Because I know I have this parasite, I ignore it knowing it will pass. However, I would be very distraught having this wave of thinking if I didn't know anything about the parasite. 


My state and town have some of the highest suicide rates in the nation. The other thing I have noticed, is that when the parasite load is large, I feel overwhelmed and isolate myself not wanting to be around other people as much. I am a very social person, so those feelings really are not me!  I know that my girls have noticed that, and part of it may be the sleep issues make me tired and then I don't want to go and do things. I also get tired when I drive, and I worry about falling asleep when driving as I shared that I think they put out a sleep hormone or chemical.


I know my mother had this parasite, and over the years, her home became more and more crowded and ended up a hoarding nightmare. I saw her isolate herself more progressively over the years as well. She was also a very outgoing and social person so I found that sad. I know other people who also have had this situation happen. The interesting factor I have noticed is that most of them have cats. She did have cats after her kids moved out and the situation got worse around that time. I don't have cats but the neighbors cats like my yard, sleep in my yard, and use it as a litter box. The owners only feed the cats outside, so the cats are basically wild cats. 

My mother never had panic attacks when younger traveling the world several times, and driving across the country by herself many times. In the last ten years of her life, along with the hoarding, isolation, high white blood count, lung damage, weight gain, she also suffered from panic attacks ending her up at the hospital many times. She had never suffered from depression / suicidal thoughts or panic attacks through her life. Just towards the end, all her symptoms magnified greatly.

Since I am mentioning cats here, I will tell you I had many dreams at the beginning of this that were about me having a cat parasite and that it was affecting my head. That is the reason my Dr. tested me for Toxoplasmosis. I also dreamed it was a small dog as well as cat parasite. I do think it probably affects larger animals, but most people don't sleep with larger animals, so I think that the dream was just a way to show me that people may be getting this from their pets.

There have been studies on mice that show they can have a parasite from cat urine that makes the mice go back to feed where the cats can kill them. They have shown chemical changes in the mice. They have also found chemical changes in the hoarders mind in studies, so I think there may be some link between the two.

Lastly, my daughter sent me a link years ago, to a scientist who did a study and found there were white parasites in people that would only come out by drinking lots of water. He said they were not a known parasite. I have had two neighbors tell me that their rashes have gone away when they drank lots of water. I think this may also be linked, but haven't taken the time to research that further. I am just adding all of this here so if someone does study it, it is an avenue for them to research.  


I have to hypothesize about this next part because there is no way for me to prove these theories. I live in a small street. All our neighbors that have lived here since I moved in, they have all had symptoms of this parasite. The people on my side of the street have all passed away with dementia. My mother that had this, she also passed with mind issues. 

I was doing some continuing education units for my nursing degree and I did a packet on Parkinson's Disease. The symptoms of Parkinson's are very similar to the symptoms of this parasite. I have a neighbor three houses up from me who has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. I'll share the list of symptoms so you can see the similarities. 

They have found a differently "type" of Parkinson's on an island in the Azores. Since they haven't found a "cause" for Parkinson's yet, I believe it can be from this parasite and possibly it can be from different species variety of this parasite. 

I was watching a documentary on a girl who was born with severe autism, and she came out of it enough to share symptoms through typing. She shared that they have numbness in their limbs and hit the limb against things to try and make the tingling go away. This really struck me as at the beginning of this parasite nightmare in my world, I had a dream that I had a parasite. It was a black bug and burrowed into my hands and was eating all the nutrients in my food so I was in a starving situation in my body even though I was eating. The parasite was inside me and I dug down into my hand to see the little black bugs that I saw outside my body and when I dug into my hand to see where the bugs went once they burrowed into my hand, I was shocked to see a worm was in my hand. The tip of the worm had a mouth that was sucking my nutrition inside my body. I woke very disturbed and  I  felt like the parasite I had was hook worm. It was interesting that in real life, I had had a rash on my hand in just the same place as the parasite entered my hand in the dream. It wasn't until later that I realized I had all the same symptoms of hook worm parasites, but in the end, it is just a parasite similar to hook worm.  

I had another dream where scientist were looking at this parasite. One scientist was looking at the salad I was eating studying the parasite in the food. Another scientist was studying the parasite in the soil. A third scientist was studying the parasite in the air. I didn't understand that at the time, but now I know that somehow the worms float. I believe that they will find that all three of these things are true. I also had an autistic boy in the dream who kept trying to drink the water I had in my glass with my salad and I kept telling the boy, "Not yet, it isn't time yet" like it was going to be discovered that autism can be caused by this parasite infecting a baby in the womb or as a infant. The womb is just a large sack of water, and I believe if the mother has a big load of parasites, I think she can infect the baby in the womb. 


I state this is speculation, but I feel like I need to put it here for scientists to take a look at it some point since it was linked in my dream. In the end, it may not be, but I would like to at least put it out there just in case. 

horsehair parasite zions park puddle

This parasite forces the host to kill themselves usually in WATER. Once they are in the water, they emerge from the host. In this picture, you can see the bee towards the top of the pictures trying to crawl out of the water in the puddle. The worm is moving freely in the water. It continually amazes me how long and large the worm is coming out of such a small, still living insect. There are 2000 plus varieties of this parasite worm. Some show up as dark brown / blackish, and some show up white, opaque, cream colored. When I look at them under a microscope after soaking my hand, they are dark fiber looking threads. Under my fingernails and in my teeth, they show up dark in color. However, the longer worms in my stool and the ones coming out of my skin are whiter in appearance so I don't know what changes the color or why. You can see on the internet wiki pages that they show the white and dark colored horsehair worms. 

Here is a video I shot of a Horsehair Nematomorpha Worm that had just come out of a bee at a national park. There was a puddle to the side of the river and you can see the worm and how long it is compared to a bee. 

park2.jpghorsehair parasite zions park puddle
horsehair parasite zions park puddle
horsehair parasite zions park puddle

I have noticed in several of the pictures I have taken, that there seems to be a "neck like" structure in the top of the worm. It has almost like a hinge where it hangs down from the top. I will try to show the smallest, middles sized and then this one showing what I am talking about. Hopefully you can see this as well. When watching videos of this worm moving, it always seems to have this hinge a bit in from the tip of the worm. 

horsehair parasites from human ear
horsehair parasites from human body
horsehair parasite
horsehair parasite
horsehair parasite
horsehair parasite

Hopefully you can see the "neck" like angle I show above and also these pictures show the different colors of this parasite. White to black. 2000+ species of this worm. It isn't surprising to me that at least one of them can live in humans.

One of my daughters served as a missionary in Japan. Many young women in Japan suffer from what they call, "orthostatic dysfunction" Basically they suffer from what we call "Orthostatic Hypotension" which means that when you get light headed upon movement from sitting to standing for example. When my daughter served as a missionary in Japan, she was tired all the time. She would fall asleep upon sitting which is something I have suffered with for years. She went to the hospital and was diagnosed with the same thing so many Japanese teen girls are diagnosed with. When I researched it, I came upon this: "Orthostatic hypotension occurs when your blood pressure drops significantly as you stand up. This can cause lightheadedness, fainting, and heart palpitations. Injury to nerves from conditions like diabetes and Parkinson’s disease can cause episodes of orthostatic hypotension due to autonomic dysfunction." 

"Parkinsons" disease can cause episodes of hypotention and Sleep Apnea like I shared in this videos about the parasite, all of the symptoms of Parkinson's are symptoms of the parasite I have. I start talking about Parkinson symptoms at about 20:30 mark. I believe eventually they will find a link between the horsehair nematomorpha parasite and Parkinsonian diagnosed illnesses.

Parkinsons Disease       -      Parasite Symptoms

Sleep: daytime sleepiness, early awakening, nightmares, restless sleep, or sleep disturbances

Whole body: fatigue, dizziness, poor balance, or restlessness

Cognitive: amnesia, confusion in the evening hours, dementia, or difficulty thinking and understanding

Speech: difficulty speaking, soft speech, or voice box spasms

Nasal: distorted sense of smell or loss of smell

Urinary: dribbling of urine or leaking of urine

Mood: anxiety or apathy

Facial: jaw stiffness or reduced facial expression

Also common: blank stare, constipation, depression, difficulty swallowing, drooling, falling, fear of falling, loss in contrast sensitivity, neck tightness,

Tremor: can occur at rest, in the hands, limbs, or can be postural

Muscular: stiff muscles, difficulty standing, difficulty walking, difficulty with bodily movements, involuntary movements, muscle rigidity, problems with coordination, rhythmic muscle contractions, slow bodily movement, or slow shuffling gait

Sleep - YES

Dizzy, Balance -YES

Dementia - YES

Speech/Slurring - YES

Nasal Possible-W/Heavy load


Mood Anxiety - YES

Face- Just Started

Constipation, Depression, Swallowing, Falling - YES


I think depending on the amount of parasites and where they set up, these other symptoms may show up. I feel slow and have muscle contractions etc. 

In Parkinson's there is scaring in the spinal area. I have felt the parasites burrowing up and down my spine from the top of my head down. I believe if you have enough burrowing over the years, this could be the cause of the scaring. Just putting that thought out there. 

Here is a link to the playlist on my YouTube Channel dealing with the parasites. I haven't linked all my videos and "update" videos on the site individually. I will post a few more on my "Things I have Tried" page. Enjoy! 


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