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BLACK OR BROWN LINES UNDER FINGERNAIL – For many years now, I get these black lines coming up under my finger nails. I did research on it thinking it may be related to parasites, but never could find anything. They can start anywhere on the nail, come up on any nail, and show up in a day or two, or take a week or two, showing up more slowly.


Sometimes it is just a dot, and sometimes, it is almost the entire length of the nail. They grow out with the nail, and as soon as the nail is long enough, I can dig out the dark line. It isn’t “in” the nail itself, but underneath it. That is one reason why I think it is a parasite getting trapped trying to come out and gets stuck under the nail.


When bleaching my hair with peroxide, some peroxide gets on the tips of my fingers. Within seconds, the black lines appear under my nails, but can also show up for days after I touch something they don't like. I also have little white “worm” bumps like the ones shown in the peroxide soak pictures, and videos when touching peroxide. The PARASITES DO NOT LIKE PEROXIDE! To the right are pictures, and a video of the fingernail lines, as they are very distinct. I have seen them on my nails, my kids, neighbors, and extended family members nails as well. 

You can see that there are white areas in my fingernails in the top right picture. These are from me taking Pyrantel which drove all the parasites to the fingertips and swirled together in a "Ball" like snakes will do. It feels like someone is drilling a drill bit into your fingers. The white spots show up after I take that medication each time. I think Pyrantel may kill some off, but think it just drives them away from the affected areas.

BLACK LINES AND MARKS, YELLOWING AND BROWNING TEETH - After having the parasite for some time, a new symptom showed up. I have a black line in my tooth that looks just like the black lines in my fingernails. I have a few videos on this and they are posted to the right. I try to show the black line in my tooth, but I don't know how well you can see the black line, but I am doing my best to show it here. It is clear enough that one of my girls thought I had something on my tooth and told me to rub it off not knowing it was inside the tooth. 

I first noticed something a few years back when my mother was living with me. When she first arrived,  her teeth were examined by my Dentist as she had an infection in the roof of her mouth. He commented on how amazing her teeth were for someone who was 80 years old. 


In the three months she lived with me, her teeth went yellow and black speckled. It was freaky to see how quickly her teeth could go from amazing and white to black / yellow / brown. I have another family member whose teeth are doing this and the dentist can't explain what is causing this to happen. I have a neighbor who had the same situation happened, but her teeth eventually fell out and they sent them to a forensic dentist to try and figure out why her teeth died from the inside out. The dark isn't on the outside of the teeth, it is in the inside of the teeth. 

It almost looks like the darkening teeth one would have gotten from taking tetracycline many years back, but obviously, the teeth aren't turning black from that. The teeth are somewhat speckled in appearance so I wondered back then if my mothers teeth turning black had something to do with parasites as she had all the other symptoms of parasites like lung damage, high white blood count, fatigue, thyroid issues, weight gain etc. 

So, I believe that these parasites cause the teeth to gradually go dark as they burrow into the teeth and get trapped or maybe they are fleeing from something they don't like in the mouth and burrow into the teeth to get away from the thing in the mouth they don't like. My other thought is that when the parasite load gets so large they run out of places to inhabit, they start eating and burrowing in the teeth roots. 

I also remember that when Princess Two was in Taiwan, she had several times when she would taste metal in her mouth after she was having the rash / sores on her leg like I also had and eating certain things etc. So, I wonder if you have a bad case of these parasites, if they burrow into the teeth causing issues there.

I can't help think they do as I can feel them burrowing into and out of my mouth and they wake me wagging in the back of my throat sometimes. 


More recently, I can feel larger worms moving in my gums, and in my jaw, so I really believe that they do eat the root system of the teeth once you have a heavy load these parasites.


Since having the “superinfection,” my brain, coordination and thought processes have suffered. My girls were home and we were playing a simple game. I COULDN’T master flipping over a card. The girls looked at me funny but I had felt “drunk” for a few days. I have problems talking and saying the wrong words. In one week,  I couldn’t remember where I parked. I locked my keys in the car. I left my keys at two different stores having to go back in to get them. I shared this with the Dr. He ran some tests but it really scared me as I am usually an educated, quick,  and coordinated person.

It seems the more parasites I get, the worse it gets. One example, I needed to pick my child up a mile from home. I have lived in this town for 20+ years. It is a VERY small town. I took FOUR wrong turns going to pick her up. I back tracked on myself three times before picking her up. The next morning, she called asking for a ride. I saw one of the cheer squad pass me on the road and I thought, “Why is she out, it isn’t cheer time.” I then proceeded to the place I picked my daughter up the night before but didn’t take any wrong turns to get there only to figure out that no one was there because they practice at a different place and she was at a different location, which I KNEW. It is always in the same place and it was cheer practice. That night, I went to pick her up from another location and took TWO wrong turns to get her.

If you listen to my speech in some of the videos,  you can hear me slur some words and you can also hear me struggle for the words I want to say. This isn't funny when it happens to you, but can be funny when you are listening to others inserting the wrong word. Recently, I meant to say "We can apply teak oil" when talking about wanting to wash our window vinyl edging for a work project and I said, "we can apply Lyme disease." I laughed, but it really does scare me that I can't think clearly and I know it scares my children who see me having more and more of these "moments." 

I am an educated person and have raised five children on my own, taking care of house, home, family, and cars with not much help. This of all the symptoms, scares me most.

Every person on my street who has lived here as long as I have, ALL HAVE COGNATIVE ISSUES! Three of my immediate neighbors and one across the street have issues with not coming up with the right word and ended up in assisted living with memory issues. They have also suffered with vertigo, left lower lung issues, high white count, rashes, "shooting stars" and keratin threads in the eyes, weight issues, thyroid issues, fatigue, cardiac problems, hair loss etc. 

I can feel larger worms burrowing in my skull, especially in the back left and a bit less in the right front top of my head. It is worse when I peroxide my hair, put on essential oils , or take migraine medication. Sometimes, if they really don't like what I put on my head, I can feel it burrow down my spine. 

I read on a marijuana growers page, that many people who grow and partake of "pot" can feel the parasites moving around especially when they eat fresh leaves or smoke large amounts of marijuana. I will share about why I researched that on "things I think they should try area." elsewhere on this site. 

VERTIGO - DIZZY - LIGHT HEADED - SINUS ISSUES -EAR ITCHYNESS - WATER IN EAR -  Early on in this, I started having wiggly feelings in my ears. I used to use q-tips to clean out the ear. I found a worm on a wet q-tip I had soaked in peroxide to clean out my ear. Since then, I won't use q-tips alone in my ears as someone shared that unprocessed cotton may have eggs on it and they had seen worms on q-tips and cotton balls. I couldn't know if the moving worm was from my ear of the q-tip.


Since then, I know I have the worms in my ears and can feel them burrowing in and out. Sometimes, I get little dots of blood after I feel them moving. I also get that problem in my nose when I can feel one burrowing, I get a drop of blood in the area I feel burrowing.  I will share the video of the parasite on the q-tip. Since that time, I have itchy ears often and have had water on the ears feeling and I think the parasites burrowing away from my head where I was bleaching my hair with peroxide, moved down into the ear area to avoid the peroxide I was putting on my head/hair. I found a website where people are sharing about this same issue. I will link that under the video I share.  


Over the past few years, I have fallen several times, the last time being just over a month ago. Several times it has been when I was looking down and the back up a few times. I have several neighbors that have suffered with vertigo and one even had surgery trying to help his problem. He fell several times hurting himself seriously once. 

Meanwhile, I lead the music in my Sunday church congregation Sacrament Meeting. I look down at the music, and then up at the audience, and then down at the music, and up again. One Sunday, I felt light headed most of the meeting and there was a song just before the sacrament that I didn't know as well and looked down and up often. I blacked out and grabbed onto the music stand and wood railing near me. Not knowing what the cause was, I spoke to a Dr. friend at church and then went home early and went to bed. I thought perhaps I was having some anemia or heart symptoms. 

Between being in a play where I had to dance bending and standing, and leading music in church meetings, I would get a little light headed which would only happen usually if a storm front was moving in fast. During this time however, I would get dizzy daily and noticed myself having to grab onto things around me for balance and bearing. I would get nausea if I did something where I was up and down like pulling weeds in the yard etc. This was when I knew for sure it wasn't my heart but was vertigo.

It was during this time that my youngest daughter and I were eating a watermelon each day between the two of us. The days I ate melon, I was super dizzy, days I didn't eat the melon, I was fine. I had noticed that certain brands of melons from Mexico were SUPER heavy and I thought that maybe they had soaked them in water to get more per pound. I figured out that if I ate different brands of melons, I was fine, but if I ate that one brand of "heavy" melons, I would get the vertigo really bad. I think that the parasites were somehow worse in those melons and when I ate them, they would have more of this parasite in them or something. I haven't had that problem now in years, but I stay away from melons grown out of country.


I think that the parasites are looking for any moisture they can find and there is fluid in the inner ear, and if the infestation is bad, they can go for that moisture and cause problems with Vertigo.  

 I was talking to a neighbor one house away across the street, and he also has been suffering from vertigo for several years. It was when he told me that recently, that I remembered my sister in law that has all the symptoms of the parasite, was in the ER several times with vertigo and they couldn't fix her problem, but found it was calcification formation somewhere in the inner ear. 

I realized that the calcification in the lungs, the calcification in the thyroid, and now calcification in the inner ear, are all parasite side effects. I have also started up with tinnitus ringing in my right ear at times now. I haven't figure out what is causing it, or any cause and effect there. I know a few neighbors have complained about having this in the past few years as well.

I want to share a little about sinus issues as well. I can feel them burrowing in and out of my inner nose and sometimes sinus cavities. I can dab inside my nose with tissues when I feel them burrowing and there will be a little blood on the tissue. Nearly every time I blow my nose now, I get some type of blood on the tissue as I have them burrowing all the time with how heavy my load is. I can feel them in the sinus when I am sick as the mucus is thicker at those times, so it feels a bit weird. My girls also experience this. 


I woke in the middle of the night with a horrible itching / burning feeling. I thought maybe I got a mosquito bite or a spider bite in the night. This has happened three or four times to my legs over the past few years. 


Two of my girls had this exact thing happened to their legs in the same spot. The rash is HOT, red, itchy, burning, painful, oozing, spreads and is HARD to cure. 

In the night, I scratched away at the itchy spot. On the second day, it was between a dime and a quarter size and super hot and red and felt like burning and itching. Still, thought it was a mosquito infected bite, spider, or bed bug or something. I woke again in the night with it super hot and painful and that was when I knew....


I started putting diatomaceous earth on it keeping it dry but it was so painful it woke me the next night and so I took an antihistamine and sprayed the spot with "Dermoplast" which is for bites and itching. 

I sprayed it on for a few minutes, then blotted excess off and put diatomaceous earth over it. I then cut off the toe and heel of a COTTON footie sock and pulled it up over the area to keep the site dry and from rubbing on the sheets etc and also to keep the powder in and on the site. 

It didn't seem to do much. I had tried all sorts of creams (see my blog for this) and those always made it worse keeping moisture in the site. I also tried all sorts of essential oils, hydrogen peroxide, and anything that kept it wet or moist didn't help but made it worse. 

I tried  colloidal silver gel on the area and then would dab it dry and put the DE over it. I then tried just the Lugol's Iodine with the powder over it, but in the past day, I found using the colloidal silver gel and Lugol's iodine on it directly, and letting it dry for 2 minutes or so, and then putting Diatomaceous Earth on it, seemed to give me a little relief from the burning and pain / itching for an hour or two. 

Knowing what I do now, I won't ever let it get to that point again. I can feel it burrowing before the "bite" mark, so the next time I felt it burrowing, I put iodine on it before it came out, and a few times now, I have been able to keep it from coming out and spreading the infection. 

TEMPURATURE REGULATION AND BIO-FILM – WAXY SKIN LAYER -  I started getting a waxy substance on my neck and upper chest area a few years after my diagnosis. The wax started spreading onto larger areas of my body. 


One viewer suggested that the wax is what scientists call "biofilm" and it related to certain parasites in the body. 

The film has gotten thicker as my infection gets worse, and also I have it on more of my body than before. It used to be just on the neck, then chest, next on my back, arms, and now more on the back of my head and neck. I have noticed my hair is super waxy when I don't bleach it, but gets waxy more quickly now.


For years now, I just can't cool down when I am outside in the heat. In ten minutes on a hot day, I am flushed and red in the face to the point I think I am going to have a stroke hearing my heart in my ears. 


I have to take an hour and eat ice or popsicles and sit in front of my cooling unit before I can go outside and work again. 

I realized while scrubbing off the waxy film that these things leave on my skin one day, that the skin is the largest organ of the body and if it gets covered in wax or oil, it can't breath. The body cools itself by sweating through the pours and then the water evaporates cooling the body. If I have this waxy "biofilm" all over my body, my pours can't sweat allowing the moisture out and the body to cool! 

I believe this is the same situation that causes me to be so cold at night that blankets don't warm me. I had to purchase a bed mattress heater and can only get to sleep after warming up for a long time. You can read more about this in the thyroid section. 

I have spoken to others that have this same issue and wax on their skin. I can't believe that it took me years to figure that out! It seems so basic! 

HAIR LOSS, THINNING HAIR, CLOGGED HAIR DUCTS - I have noticed that my hair gets thinner as the parasites get worse and the waxy film gets thicker. I have noticed that the women in my area all have thin hair and part of this could be thyroid issues or lack of iodine in the soil, but I do believe that the thinning is due to the parasite living in the hair pores. I believe that the parasite and biofilm kill the hair in the pore causing the hair to fall out. Just last week I ran my hand down my hair and about five hairs came out with the bulb at the base of the hair. This is happening on a daily basis and it getting worse. I don't have pictures and unless I had a before and after to compare you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. I do notice my scalp showing through hair in the past six months or so and when I wash my hair, it gets thinner and thinner to ring out. 


I have to share that MANY people have written telling me they have had their hair move on its own. One shared that she kept having it combed out and then within a few hours, it would be in a knot again. Since I have had this parasites, I get knots in my hairline in the back and at the edges around my ear and I have seen this LOTS in my family and the area where I live. 

I wonder if the reason I haven't had this issues is that I bleach my hair once a month. Also, I use diatomaceous earth on my bedding at all times and on my head at times to keep the parasites down in that area. 


I felt that I should include this as so many that have all the same symptoms I have, report this symptom. I wonder if the parasite wraps around the hair while being in the hair follicles, glands or pores. 


black / brown lines under fingernails
black / brown lines under fingernail

For years now, I have gotten these black lines under my fingernails, and now they are showing up in my teeth. I believe that the parasites burrow up, and get stuck under the nails and burrow into the teeth and get stuck. The fingernails will grow out, but the ones in the teeth are there forever. This happens whenever I touch something chemical the parasites don't like. When I did peroxide hand soaks or when I color my hair using peroxide, it drives them to the surface. It also happens when I touch things like turpentine, bleach, or paint thinner.  

To the right is a video showing the lines in my thumb nail where I talk about this.

black / brown lines under fingernails
black lines in teeth / parasites
teeth darkening / parasites
teeth darkening / parasites
teeth darkening / parasites
teeth darkening / parasites

I believe the parasites burrow into the teeth and eat the root system of the teeth. My mothers teeth went from strong and white, to the horror of the top photo in three months time. I have a black line in my tooth you can sort of see in the top picture. Another family member has also had teeth turning yellow / brown and the Dentist doesn't know why. My neighbor had the same situation and her teeth fell out, and / or were taken out due to it. 

I made these three above videos as updates on the parasite, but mention the darkening teeth, and black lines in the teeth, in each of the three videos. 

Since making the videos, I can fee the parasite burrowing more and more around my gums and teeth roots. It tickles somewhat when they move through the roots of the teeth.

I also feel them "pop" when they burrow into my mouth, it feels sort of like you are eating a "pop rock" as they burrow into the mouth, especially between closed lips. It feels like a bit of air escapes when they burrow. I also feel this when they burrow out of the bladder area sometimes.

small horsehair worm out of ear

This two videos above are of a parasite I pulled out of my ear. I put peroxide in my ear by Q-tip soaked in Peroxide, and then stuck it in my ear for a few minutes. When I pulled out the Q-tip, there was a moving worm on the end. Here is a link to an entire page of people suffering with similar things in their ears. 

This is a video where I share my first realization about vertigo issues. I also share about mind issues of my neighbors in this video as well as lower left lobe lung issues and more. 

In this video, I also share about vertigo, but I share updates on many other things as well. 

This video is in another spot, but I also want it here because it describes the mouth pop rock, nose itching, eye pressure after eating things they don't like, and a weird hiccup and cough thing I mention in another area. 

staph infection  on legs from parasite burrowing out
staph infection  on legs from parasite burrowing out
staph infection  on legs from parasite burrowing out
staph infection  on legs from parasite burrowing out
staph infection  on legs from parasite burrowing out
staph infection  on legs from parasite burrowing out

In these pictures, you can see there are three different legs with the same type of rash. Two of my girls and I all have had the same type of spreading contagious rash. It is interesting to me that we all had them in exactly the same spot on the front and side of the shins on the lower legs.

At first, we all thought they were bug bites, but would soon spread, ooze, and were extremely itchy. I could feel a parasite burrowing around under the skin a day or two before each time a sore would show up. I figure that the parasite burrows out of the colon and takes bacteria with it, and then causes a staph type rash on the skin. I think the parasite likes moving down the bones and ligaments and comes to the surface where the bone is nearest to the surface.


I have a neighbor that had this same situation as well. I learned to put iodine on the area as soon as I feel movement under the skin and put Diatomaceous Earth over the area to keep them from coming to the surface to lay eggs. 

In these three videos, I talk about the leg rashes, how they progress, and I share things I tried to "heal" them. I share how they spread, ooze, itch, and burn.


I share my thoughts on what I think are the reasons for the rashes and why they are where they are on the legs.

I found that Lugol's Iodine and Diatomaceous Earth were the best solution to keeping them away.

The Video below is me sharing my "lightbulb" moment where I realized why I get so cold and hot and can't cool down when hot. I think the parasite creates a waxy film over the skin to keep moisture in and protect the parasites. There are some scientists that have found what they call a "biofilm" that certain parasite create over the skin. I believe that this paraiste does that. 


red face overheating issue
red face overheating issue
waxy biofilm off skin / Parasites

I had to look hard for a picture showing the redness in my face when hot. I have this one which shows my yellow eyes and red face. It is like my skin can't breathe so I just get really red quickly. 

When I am working outside or excersizing in the yard, my face gets so hot and overheated I have to stop working and cool down. 

This "Lucy" picture is from a trip to NY and my face was red in almost every picture as I was so hot the entire trip. You can see that it is several shades darker than my neck etc.

waxy biofilm off skin

I couldn't find any pictures to show the difference in my hair thickness. My hair has continued to fall out since I started with these parasites. The video above and the video to the right both mention hair loss as do many others on my channel on youtube. You can see them on the parasite playlist! 

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