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MOVING RASHES - NECK AND HAIRLINES  - I had varied rashes on my body, but if I tried yeast cream, they would get worse. When I tried lotions or anti itch creams, they got worse. Water would cause them to spread, and my girls and I fought these rashes over and over. I tried essential oils, oregano oil, garlic oil etc. and they seemed to make it worse, spreading it out past where the oil was applied. Finally, the only thing I found that would help them “disappear” for some time was using diatomaceous earth and keeping the area VERY dry. Gold Bond type powder also worked for this and I would cut sock tops off socks and we would put the powder on the rash and cover it with this 100 % cotton material from the sock to keep the powder on the area and keep it from being wiped or brushed off. After a month or so, the rash would seem to be gone and die down. This was until the child or myself would be in water for long or have wet clothes on for any amount of time, and then the rash would flair up again. Once, I was at a lake and was holding one of the girls on my lap and the rash spread from one of us to the other just for holding her for 20 minutes or so. Chlorine makes it worse. We never use hand towels and only use paper towels in the kitchen and bathroom to avoid spreading it.

Later, I started to get rashes on my bottom and groin area, almost monthly for about 5 months. I would put the powder on for a week or two and it would clear up only to show up about 20-25 days after the last rash. I had started feeling “worms” under the skin. I had rashes on the back of both hands for about 8 months, mostly in between my fingers. It looked like a yeast rash but due to my non-luck with the other rashes, I just kept putting powder on them nightly, but they didn’t ever get better. I wash my hands all the time having worked in nursing for so many years, I double wash them after the bathroom and many times throughout the day. I think the water and not drying in between the fingers each time kept that rash going.


After having a horrible night one night, I couldn’t sleep. My chest was tight and burning. I felt to take hydrogen peroxide and “huff” it. I did this and felt some relief. The next day, I felt “impressed” to spray the hydrogen peroxide on my skin. I sprayed it till damp, left it until it was drying and then sprayed it again, once every five minutes or so for about an hour. I then rubbed diatomaceous earth on the rash and went to bed.


The next morning, I started spraying my rash again and freaked out when all these little white worms were stuck under my skin. They would disappear in about a half hour if I didn’t spray them, but when I would spray again, even hours later, they would show up as they had died in my hand. My hand swelled for a few days as my lymph tried to remove the worms.


I picked a few out of my hand and looked at them under a jewelers loop and they looked like black threads. When I dug the bigger ones out, my left eye would go freak like a ton of little bugs were zipping around. This happened when I would spray hydrogen peroxide on my nose area if I could “feel” something coming out. When I would use tape to “collect” the worm, my left eye would freak out again. I believe that these parasites send out a “warning” to other worms when they are dying. Perhaps warning them to lay their eggs, go into a cyst form, or to “move away” or something similar to what the “crazy / raspberry ants” do when they are being killed.


Interestingly enough, my left eye is the darker eye you can see in the pictures. My eye Dr. said my left eye has many more "threads" in it than my right eye. When I explained the movement, he said the "threads" can make shadows on the retina making that happen. If they were just "threads of keratin", I couldn't make them move faster causing that reaction.


When I showed my Dr. the worms in my hand, at first he said he thought I had scabies. This is nothing like scabies. I have seen that many times in my nursing career and this is everywhere on my body that I have rashes or "feel" the worms. I then searched and read that during the second phase of life, the thread worm lives in the lymph fluid just under the skin burrowing until it gets too large, at which point it uses connective tissues to get to the gut where it then molts twice burrowing through the gut causing damage. I showed my Dr. this information at my next visit.


One of my daughters had a rash around her nose for about two years. I had a niece that had this until she moved to HI where it finally went away. I think the iodine source killed it off or may have lessened the load she had. 

I have a neighbor that had a reoccurring rash in his hairline and he tried using alcohol on a paper towel and it would just move them beyond where the towel touched. He finally realized it was happening every month in a cycle, it would flair up. I shared with him to try the hydrogen peroxide on the towels instead. Since that time, I have noticed many people at church or in the community with rashes on their hairline at the base of the neck. I have one on and off there, and also the groin hairline. It also is cyclical.


I learned to use Lugol's iodine on the area, and then putting DE on the area for a few nights. I can feel the larger worms burrowing in the area before the rash comes for a few nights so I try to use the Lugol's when I feel that burrowing, trying to keep it from laying its eggs, but they just come out in a different spot. 


When spraying the skin with peroxide, it tingles at first and then there is a weird sensation where all my hair stands on end in that area like the worms are racing past them. The closer the worms are to the surface, the more itchy and painful it becomes. The peroxide did cause a yeast infection as it killed the normal flora in the area, so I used yeast cream and put DE over that area as well hoping to heal the rash and also keep the parasites down. I finally started using the yeast cream during the day and the DE earth at night as the mixture was messy.


I noticed that I would get dried “rings” on my skin like there had been a thorn in it or something often when the skin on my hand is sloughing off. I figured I had pricked it gardening or something and had never really paid attention until I did the hydrogen peroxide thing. A few days after doing that, I had all these little dried skin rings with holes in the center flaking off. I think it is where a worm dies and it leaves a little spot where nothing is in the center as if a thorn was pulled out. See the picture on the right as an example. 


Eosinophilia - High White Blood Cell Count -

Over several years, I would see three different Dr.'s and each would run a blood test. Each would tell me that I had a high white blood count, but none could tell me why. None even looked into parasites even thought I went to all three telling them I felt I had a parasite of some kind.


I share a picture to the right of my blood test results from those three different Dr.s showing the high results. I finally searched "high white blood count, sores in mouth, lungs and parasites" which led me to believe my problems were specifically Hook worm or Strongyloidiasis. In the end, after getting tested, it was negative for both. My Dr. and I were glad to eventually get a diagnosis, but upon getting the"Horsehair nematomorpha" diagnosis, we didn't know where to go from there.  


This was one of my first symptoms. I would look at the sky or other solid surfaces and I would see millions of little moving things zipping around. For a few years, this would be what would happen, and then it started to be me seeing lightning bolts in the shower to the corners of my eyes. It is more like "shooting stars" like you would see in a cartoon spinning around someone after they were hit in the head. This happens when I am around moisture. I think the parasites like the water and come to the surface of the eye to get to the water. 

These aren't like "floaties" that everyone has that are slow moving or move with your eye, they are fast moving and "zip" around in all directions.

One night, I woke with a lightning bolt in my eye. I was worried as I have never had this happen before. I went to see an eye Dr. He told me that I had LOTS of "threads" in my eyes and my left eye was worse than my right. I knew it was parasites, but he said it was "keratin" and that there isn't anything they can do. I've never worn glasses other than while pregnant, yet my eyesight had gotten really bad in a short amount of time.

I have neighbors that had the exact situation with the shooting stars, fast moving things and was told the same thing. Her husband was the one with the hairline rashes hatching monthly. 

Here is a link to a post where I share much of this information. 

I have an aunt and uncle who have both had retina detachment and both have many of the same health issues I have, and my mother had. I believe this parasite goes to the fluid in the body, and the eye is filled with fluid. 

If I poke myself or hurt myself, the "threads" in my eyes move faster causing shadows on my retina which causes me to notice them more. If they weren't alive, they wouldn't move faster as they do when I get poked or am in the shower. This also happens when I am attacking the parasites either using peroxide soaks, picking them out of the skin on the fringe where they may not be totally dead. etc. I believe that they can 'communicate" with each other in some way similar to "crazy ants" as it seems like when I take anti-parasite medication, they tend to run to the muscles etc.

My eyes have gotten progressively worse and are yellow. It is interesting that the one the Dr. said was worse, and I first noticed the symptoms in, is more yellow than the right, but now, both are yellow and my eyesight gets better or worse depending on the parasite load.


My eyes do hurt, get crusty things, and get goopy at times as well. I can also feel parasites burrowing out of my eyelashes at times which is rather disturbing and sometimes things "in" my eye moving near the surface. It is a creepy feeling to have things moving in the eye and sometime I run to the mirror to see if I can see anything. 

BLADDER AND KIDNEY ISSUES – URINARY TRACT INFECTIONS – RED DOTS IN BLADDER LINING - WEIRD SMELLING URINE -  I hadn’t had a urinary tract infection in 15 years plus. I had one around June 2015, and since then, have gotten many as the parasites burrow in and out of the bladder. I believe they carry bacteria from the colon into the bladder causing UTI's.


I have also had issues with “urgency” feelings. I have pain in my kidneys at times as I feel things burrowing in or out in that area. My bladder has felt a bit distended and bloated for the past few years and I now have some "bubble" feelings like something is "popping" and sometimes a little bit of urine will come out, not so much to wet my underwear, but causes me to run to the bathroom.


I had a family member have surgery and the Surgeon looked at her bladder and they saw lots of little red dots in her bladder. The surgeon didn't know why she had the red dots, but I knew exactly why she had the red dots. She has been suffering with parasite symptoms for years and also has the strong urine smells, urgency etc. I mention this situation in both the videos on the right.    

CARDIAC / HEART ISSUES -CARDIAC PROBLEMS – I had been having the chest / lung tightness for years not knowing what it was. I figured it was just heart burn, but I could get no relief from it.


When I saw the chest x-ray results from years ago saying something about my heart being small, it scared me. Years ago I was diagnosed with a prolapsed mitral valve, but flutters from that are rare for me. Over the past few years, the flutters are more regular and I can feel a larger parasites moving around the heart area regularly.


If I chew ice or eat lots of cold items, it will burrow away from the heart area. I used to chew on ice just to get it away from the heart but that doesn't work when you are freezing. With my thyroid issues, I am cold most nights. 


I get light headed if I laugh or push when going to the bathroom, and I know that can be a heart issue. My Dr. ordered an ultrasound of the heart which showed a normal sized heart but could not distinguish a parasite obviously if it is hair thin.


I do think there is heart damage, but there is no way to prove or disprove it.  I have had weird flutters often and twice almost fainted from it. I get light headed often and my hands and feet often go numb.


My Dr. wanted to put on a heart monitor for a month, but without medical or financial help, I couldn’t afford the cardiologist fee to have it read so refused it after calling to try and work something out. I have chest / heart pain most of the time now. It is different than the tightness, although I still have that sensation. I get heart “pain” where it aches for hours at a  time. 


There are many people in my area that have been on that exact heart monitor for a month. My neighbor with the rashes, and whose wife has the "shooting stars" in her eyes, also went in for cardiac issues and was told he was fine. 

ARTHRITUS - JOINT PAIN -  A few years ago, I was having lots of pain in my knees. I think at some point some of the parasites set up there. I did one of the many cleanses and the pain stopped until after I took the Vermox, I started having knee pain. Soreness in my joints. It feels like arthritis and I did find on one site that said it can be a side effect of parasites. I have to say that I had every symptom on each page and then I would type in a new symptom I was having and by including that symptom, I would find another page that describes how some patients with this problem have whatever my new symptom was. This is an example of that. The more oils and treatment I take, I am now having left leg / hip pain. The lung damage is on the left. The heart obviously, the eye, the initial rash, the kidney on the left is the one that hurt and now the left hip and down the leg. I do have the knee pain on the right but most of my ailments have been on the left side including the staph type rashes I will share about later.


I had gall bladder pains and liver area pains frequently for about a year. It got quite bad before I took the “Vermox” but after that, more of the pain was in the lungs, heart, kidney etc. When I would take a few drops of rosemary in my mouth or Frankincense oil, my gall bladder area would hurt after about 30 minutes. I think when the parasites get something they don’t like, they go to somewhere that is less toxic for them. After an hour or two, the pain would go away and things went back to how they were before.


My eyes started going yellow and I thought it may have something to do with the parasites in this area so I had the gallbladder out due to the pain. They didn't see anything unusual with it, but I can still "drive" the parasites to that area using oils. In doing research, I found that sometimes Strongyloides will set up in the bile ducts. I believe this parasite may do similar as they have such similar life cycles.

neck hairline rash / parasites
nose rash parasites
essential oil
piece of parasite hanging out of arm after cream / powder
parasite rash

I only have a distant picture of the rashes on the back of necks as it is usually in church I see this, when women have their hair up etc. It wouldn't be appropriate for me to pull out a camera, so I don't have more, but got this one at a low angle. Most of the neck rashes I see are between four and six sores. I color my hair with peroxide monthly, so even though I get sores, the peroxide keeps them down. The few sores I get, are in the hair so pictures can't really see them. I have never, and will never, take pictures of the rashes in the groin. Just know they are there!  

The nose picture is of the rash near my daughters nose. It can be seen when blown up. It would get worse or better depending on how often it got wet etc. She had it for years. 

The pictures of the oils I use at times to try and move them from the surface or keep them out of my mouth. 

The hand pictures are of the hairs standing on end when the parasites are just under the surface. 

I woke one morning with part of a dead worm coming out of my arm after I put some cream on it with some Diatomaceous Earth. It was sticking out where I would get the "itchy burrowing out bumps." At first, I only felt it on the back of the knee and underside of the arm, later it was neck, groin hairline areas. 

The arm picture below is when I felt lots of them in my arm and they were burrowing out and laying eggs in the arm, I poured peroxide on them as it was getting really horrible and this shows all the little worms just under the surface. 

arm lymph parasites soaking in peroxide

This is a video of what the skin looks like after soaking in 3% hydrogen peroxide, or when you put paper towels soaked in peroxide on the skin over a rash or irritated area. I share how I did it, what it feels like, and how I think the worms come out and lay their eggs.


I  share a little about how the eyes have shooting stars when in the shower or a moist area. I also share how I put some medication on my arm and found part of a worm hanging out of my arm the next morning. That event made me realize how they come out and lay eggs and why I was getting rashes on specific spots, and also explained the sharp poking that would wake me at night.

This is a video I did when I first figured out that the peroxide soaks would bring them to the surface and kill them out of the lymph. I have not done any peroxide soaks for years. It is painful, but I am grateful that I found this method as it is a way to show the Dr. that there is something under the skin. I suggest that you jump to about minute 4 to watch how it looks when I pop one out of the skin. It isn't the best video and this was before I was diagnosed and thought I had "strongyloidiasis" so, I am just including it so you can see how there are bumps on the skin and how they pop. If it was peroxide burns, there wouldn't be a "pop" and some defined item in the bump and there wouldn't be grains or burrow trails under the skin like you see when you take a splinter out of the skin.  

This is showing the rash when dry and cracking. I tried several things, and at that point, I was using cream and cinnamon. I haven't soaked them for years and I use Lugols iodine, Diatomaceous Earth, Antifungal Cream and sometimes different oils (coconut or castor) on the skin. For the most part, those things will keep my hands clear as long as I keep them as dry as possible.

parasite rings from burrowing parasite

This picture isn't mine and is actually of a scabies trail, but this is what the "rings" looked like coming up after I would soak my hands in peroxide. The trail isn't there, but the flaking ring on the left is what I am talking about. These do not show up on my skin unless I do a soak, but after a soak, my hands are covered with these for a few days where the parasites burrowed towards the surface and the parasite died and it caused these. This is majorly magnified, and isn't exact, but gives you an idea.  

high white blood counts test results eosinophilia

This photo is of three different blood tests over several years, all of which show me having a high white blood cell count. Eosiniphilia is what it is called as it is specifically the eosinophils in the white blood. This is a sign of a large parasite infection, but it was missed by all the three different Dr's that ran these tests. 

yellowing eye sclera
yellowing eye sclera
yellowing eye sclera

 In these pictures, you can see that my left eye is VERY yellow and these pictures are years old now. Both of my eyes are quite yellow now, but in general, they just look red unless I used eye drops to get the red out and then you can clearly see the yellow. I think this is partly caused by the damage to the liver that taking all the anti-parasite medication has done. You can see looking at the bottom picture, that there is just something "off" in my left eye (right in the picture) but at this point, there isn't anything I can do to fix it so I have to deal with yellow eyes. 

Below is a video where I talk about my eyes and updates of symptoms. You can see in the video that my eyes are yellow. 

There is information in the video above about bladder issues as well as the one below this. There are so many things I touch on in these videos. I mention the smell in the urine and UTI's in the lower video and talk of the red dots in the bladder in the upper and lower videos. I also describe small bubble leaks in the bladder in the lower video as well. 

chest x-ray results

When getting this report after a chest x-ray, my Dr. ordered an ultrasound of the heart, the results of which looked normal. Because of my chest pain, and feeling the parasite moving around in there, he wanted to order a heart monitor for a month. I didn't have the insurance, or funds, to have the cardiac specialist read it, so I opted to not do that.


Around the same time, I had a neighbor who was having the same problems exactly that I have been having. They ordered the monitor on her, and they didn't find anything. My male neighbor also went in having chest issues exactly like mine, and they didn't find anything on him either, so I don't think they are connecting the dots. Medicine has become so specialized now, that I don't think the Dr.'s are figuring out that it is all connected. 

I had a viewer say that when she would play with slime, her grand-daughter's would be fine but hers would end up having "trails" in it after a day or so. She has the symptoms I have, and suggested that maybe the parasites came out to the moisture in the slime and then it acts like a petri dish of some type. The video above is me making the slime, and the video below, is after a few days of sitting after I played with it. It was interesting as I think the Boron in it may affect them.  

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