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I have been diagnosed with a previously NON-HUMAN Parasite called "Horsehair Nematomorpha a type of gordian worm." This parasites is usually found only in hard shelled insects. This parasite has been studied and found to cause its host to commit suicide. I believe they will find a link between the suicide rates in some areas in the world and this parasite. If my posting about my nightmare with this parasite from start to finish can save ONE life, it will be worth it.

This is a link to an article and has the actual pictures and breakdown of the worms found in humans in Japan which are a type of Horsehair worm, and mentions other cases of Gordian worms found in humans and mentions other people with them in the urine, anus, and other areas.

This article states "They were identified as Parachordodes sp. (Nematomorpha: Chordodidae) based on the characteristic morphologies of cross sections and areoles in the cuticle. DNA analysis on 18S rRNA partial sequence arrangements was also carried out and both worms were assumed to be close to the genus Paragordionus based on tree analysis, and far from Gordius sp. which has already been reported in humans in Japan."

This last sentence is interesting to me as my case was diagnosed "Gordian worm" but maybe not the same genus as this sentence states those two cases weren't "Gordius" shown here. "A postcloacal crescentic fold (cuticular ridge) was not present, which meant that these 2 human specimens did not belong to the genus Gordius." These two worms were darker in color than my worm, so perhaps the "Gordian" type are the off-white opaque worm I keep finding. 

And, this is interesting that there are more cases listed here stating 13 actual diagnosis's shown here, "Records of human accidental parasitism with Parachordodes, Paragordius, or Gordius are uncommon in the literature, although many have been identified in different parts of the world from specimens recovered from the mouth, urethra, and anus [3-6]. Six human cases of Gordius sp. have been reported in Japan [7,8]. In these cases, worms were vomited and excreted in the feces and from anus. A human case of a Gordius worm found in the vomitus and another case of a Parachordodes worm found in the urinary system have also been reported in Korea" 

Interestingly enough, My fourth daughter served in Japan as a missionary and her last two companions became depressed and suicidal. I believe that these parasites are rampant in some parts of the world, and that it is causing the depression and suicide problems. I think there are "hot spots" in soil where the watery fruits and veggies, such as cucumber and watermelon, that are not cooked before being eaten, get infected from contaminated soil and are causing an epidemics of this parasite throughout the world in specific areas. Japans issue may also be that they eat raw fish, and this parasite is a "water parasite" as it gets its host to kill itself using water!" Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world and most of these diagnosed cases of this parasite are in Japan! 

Also, in researching suicide rates for the US, I found the most alarming rates. Women age 30 to 64 suicide rates increased 30% in ten years in the US and for women ages 60-64, it has increased 60%!!!!! And men in their 50's which is where I am at now age wise, the suicide rates increased 50%!


I think this parasite has become so prolific in their body / systems by age 50 that they can't control the chemical changes and are being overcome by the parasites with its ability to get its host to commit suicide! 

Here is a link and the actual quotes from this wiki site about US suicide rates!

"From 1999 to 2010, the suicide rate among American ages 35 to 64 increased nearly 30 percent. The largest increases were among men in their fifties, with rates rising nearly 50 percent, to 30 per 100,000. For women aged 60 to 64, rates rose 60 percent, to 7.0 per 100,000.[5] In 2008, it was observed that U.S. suicide rates, particularly among middle-aged white women, had increased, although the causes were unclear."

I believe the "causes" they mention are that the women are preparing and cooking the food and many times, the person growing the tomatoes, cucumbers and melons at home, and they are more likely to have cats and small dogs. They are more likely to pet or sleep with the animals more than men, as well as cleaning the litter boxes of these pets. It may also have something to do with going barefoot or gardening without gloves as this parasite has all the same symptoms of hook worm and thread worm which both burrow into the skin etc. 

Here is a link to suicide rates per country. I believe they will eventually find that desert countries without iodine, iron, zinc, copper etc. in the soil will have the largest infestations which causes higher suicide rates and then costal countries that may not eat as much healthy food as they used to consume or consumes raw fish, and thus the parasite takes hold and then doesn't die off as they aren't getting the minerals that would normally kill off the parasite in the body because they are eating more of a "western" diet high in carbs and sugars which causes an acidic environment in the body where parasites can thrive.

I believe that some northern countries have high suicide rates due to low Vitamin D which is also found to promote depression. I read one study saying that 90% of depressed people tested had a low Vitamin D level. Most people, back in the day, had to work the land and would get adequate amounts of D from the sun. We now live inside and most of us don't work outside for much time and thus, lower vitamin D levels. Every blood test I have had in the past 10 years shows I am vitamin D defficient. 

In the US, Wyoming, Alaska, the Dakotas', and Maine, have the highest suicide rates. All extremely cold and low Vitamin D rates may be an issue. I believe that Wyoming has the highest rate due to it being desert, low iodine in the soil (parasite territory) and cold, which has low Vitamin D levels. The same would be true for Utah, Idaho, Nevada, parts of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado. 

Notice that the lowest suicide rates in the nation are costal states that eat large amounts of sea food and people spend more time outside on the beaches. California, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Connecticut, Texas, New York, New Jersey, etc. This chart is from the CDC 2014. I am sure there is a more current chart, but I know it would be similar results. Feel free to do your own investigation. 

Truly, I pray that Science catches up quickly on this. We need to stop the Suicide Epidemic which I believe is truly a "Horsehair Nematomopha" epidemic!

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