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Link Between Suicide and Iodine Levels in Soil

My Doctor sent me a link to a video on YouTube that talked about the iodine problem in the world. Here is a link to that video. 


The Dr. mentions that the RDA amount of iodine isn't being met and needs to be raised. He showed a map of the draft in 1918 for the first world war. In that map (I show at the right) it shows that the states in black and that have black lines shows that those states have low iodine in the soil and the soldiers had high incidences of goiters. I saw something that triggered me to do more research as I recognized that the states shown were similar to the suicide statistical map of the U.S.

I have been doing some research for the past few weeks on the connection between having low iodine in the soil of certain states and the increase of suicide in those same states as well as the possibility of those states having the parasites which causes its host to commit suicide.

I have said many times, that I think the solution to killing this parasite off is going to be something to do with iron, iodine, zinc, copper and other minerals. I really think that the lack of those minerals in the soil cause a depletion in our systems, which then allows this parasite to do well as we don't have those things that would kill them off. 

In doing my research, I came across some other interesting facts. Farmers who deal with soil no matter what country, have a higher suicide rate than any other occupation. The top suicide jobs all have to do with soil as well as the second highest group. 

I think that there is a genetically modified pesticide that used horsehair nematmorpha parasites to kill off the grasshoppers that would eat the crops. I think that the farmers that sprayed it then got the parasites, and we as consumers eating the crops also got infected. There are studies which show that certain pesticides are linked to higher suicide rates. I don't think that they trelated the pesticide with the suicide rates at first as it took some time for the parasites to "set up and do their worst" in the farmers, maybe even a few years down the road as mine took years to get to this point. 

I also was able to find a correlation between the cause of deaths in states and those with low iodine had a higher death rate of lung disorders. I believe the parasite which has destroyed my lung has been causing all the people in the low iodine states to have lung damage. I found it interesting that so many of the high "Lung death" states are states that have low amounts of smokers in them. There is no reason those states should have such a high incidence of lung issues. 

Along with that, I found that Leukemia rates are also mostly following along those same upper states. My mother had leukemia but never smoked, drank alcohol, no coffee, tea, and took care of 8 children. She worked super hard and had no reason to have lung damage or leukemia. 

When I kept going to the Dr. for three years trying to figure out what was causing my lung damage, all three Dr.'s offices said that I had a high white blood count, but couldn't tell me why.... Interestingly enough, one of the main things a parasite infection does, is cause a high white count..... Thus, I believe that my mothers leukemia was due to a huge parasite infection as her lungs were damaged and she was on oxygen for years. 

All the maps shown here, show that the same states that have low iodine in the soil also have lung damage, leukemia, suicides, etc. I hope that someone will take notice of this issue and help us figure this out. 

This is a link to the CDC report on Death by occupation. Farmer, Forestry Workers, and Fishermen are the highest. All outside jobs dealing with soil and water.... Lowest suicide jobs, library, training, and education.

The Second Highest group of suicides by job was Construction and Extraction, also dealing with soil incidentally.

States of the study include: Alaska, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

Statements below in Newsweek show that the problem is huge with farmers. "The problem isn’t exclusive to the U.S. Farmers in France, China, India and the United Kingdom are dying by suicide at higher rates than the general public as well, according to news and government reports.

The suicide rate for young male military veterans is higher than previously thought, according to a new report from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). But it’s lower in some states than the suicide rate for farmers, based on an unrelated report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)"

There was a woman listed whose husband was a farmer who committed suicide as a farmer at 55 and told her he "couldn't sleep or think clearly....." That information just resonated with me as I have shared that those were some symptoms I have shared in the past that have caused me problems. 

One last thing, I believe that this parasite is causing the loss of the honey bee population. While on a trip, I saw some type of a bee dive into a puddle, die and this horsehair parasite came out. I blogged about it here. 

I also blogged last October about how I think the parasites are causing the suicides here. Click here for that post. 

Basically, I think they will find: Low iodine (all minerals basically) states have higher parasite infestations, more lung damage, more incidences of leukemia, more suicides, depression, anxiety, more obesity, infertility (thyroid issues), autism, etc. Someone needs to look at this on a national and international level. 

Even if they don't think the iodine is the issue, the suicide state clusters just may have worse parasite clusters which will continue to grow and spread if we can't figure this out.


I watched a show on YouTube describing that you need to take some minerals and vitamins while taking iodine in order to assimilate it and detoxify the body. I wasn't taking all those years ago when I was taking the iodine. They suggest Nascent iodine and what you need to take with it to make it work.... The pharmacist on the show gave great information and it explained why when I have been taking the iodine, n - acetyl cysteine, selenium and vitamin C together, I have been feeling so much better for the past few weeks. He mentions ALL of them! Well worth taking the time to research. 

suicide iodine link

Goiter rates in Military Draft 1918

States in black have highest rates

suicide iodine link

Low Iodine in Water and High Goiter Rates in States

suicide iodine link

Dk Red no iodine in soil. Red is high goiter states. Green low goiter rates

suicide iodine link
suicide iodine link
suicide iodine link
suicide iodine link
suicide iodine link

Some of the states that don't have Respiratory rate as the highest cause of death, if you look at certain areas in those states, they do have HIGH areas within those states of Respiratory Diseases being the number 1 cause of death even thought it isn't the highest cause in the entire state, there seem to be pockets within those states. Also, these are the latest maps I could find, but many are over 10 years old, so if you look on the CDC website, some of these statistics have changed. 

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