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Disclaimer: This parasite has not been studied in humans yet. This Horsehair in Humans site is documenting my experience. The information on this site is my situation and personal experience. I am not saying every person will have any, or all, of these symptoms. Until further study of this parasite is done in humans, I am documenting and will do my best to include anything that may be related.

I was diagnosed with "Horsehair Nematomorpha" in 2015. It isn't a known human parasite. It is a type of Gordian worm and was believed to only infect hard shelled insects.

There have only been a handful of diagnosed human cases, and most are in Asia. I believe it is more common than thought, but since there is not a test for it, it is going undiagnosed. I will post my symptoms, testing, diagnosis, and treatments we tried, along with anything else I can find about this parasite in humans.  

horsehair nematomorpha strongyloides hook worm

horsehair nematomorpha worm

I have a YouTube channel, "thesecretisgratitude" where I have documented my story. Here is a link to my parasite playlist on that channel. I also have a blog: where you can type "parasites" into the search box at the bottom of the home page to view the many posts about my journey. 

I will try to make this page as factual and easy to follow as possible. Hopefully, I will list all the symptoms as they appeared, in order, so that people, Dr.'s, and Scientists, can find all the information in one place. 

Between this page, and my other pages, I hope there is enough information for people to start getting diagnosed with the parasite symptom / symptoms in humans. Once people are getting diagnosed, Scientists and Doctors can study and document how this organism is affecting humans, and together we can find a cure for this nightmare. I have dubbed it, "The Kraken" parasite. This parasite usually gets its host to commit suicide by water, thus, killing its host in water, as does the legendary Kraken. 

test results horsehair nematomorpha

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